Thursday, October 13, 2011

Which Halloween costume is she wearing this year?

But Heidi, what is the costume for an unimaginative as this year? Where is your sense of exceptionally ugly Halloween costumes?

Only with a lid on the pumpkin head that is nothing glamorous in any case of the show. I remember when also appeared in horror, yet at the outfit from last year, as Heidi Klum as dazzling Transformers monster.

Certainly over the mom also has this year been a great idea for themselves and their pain-free Yes Man-husband Seal. How about, for example as an haute couture model? Seal could dress up as a storage box and paddle you in costume stand-up collar with a fan. A little devil outfit a la Faust would be good to you, where we recently still of nasty contracts with Germany's Next Top Model said.

Or how about a howling Chechen leader with a beard and uniform, while Seal sings you songs all night? Anyway, I'm very excited, which costume you'll choose you!

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