Monday, December 5, 2011

After the Kiss catastrophe here comes the sex-talk

Virgin Diaries or "When young women kiss each other for the first time," is a new show in the U.S., even before the first broadcast date for this Sunday mighty hubbub caused. See the first teaser was a couple that are really on their wedding for the first time on the mouth and kissed so amused the wedding guests and lots of video glasses all over the world.

In a somewhat longer section of the channel TLC now blessed us again with the chaste happiness. The groom said it very confidently: "I am 31 and have never kissed a girl on the mouth." If we had at the first frames not suspected. His bride is completely inexperienced in the ways. "I am a little nervous before the act," she admits. Before the kiss, or what comes next?

What happened on their wedding night, it is theoretically quite clear: "You should shower first and then I go into the shower and then I'm putting on my underwear. It’s surprise waiting for you. We have our robes on, we take off slowly and then come the foreplay and then we have sex. "Meanwhile, probably Lionel Richie lulls from the facility, numerous scented candles pollute the air and the Disney animals as they pass by, a trauma suffer for life.

In my mental cinema play out the most absurd scenarios, even if the wedding kisses so goes in the pants. The act itself then hopefully the camera crew is no longer present. Cameraman and sound assistant could easily charge a surcharge and the danger; the sender will probably be too expensive. But, as you know the reality shows, like the two determined and detailed report on it. I'm looking now!

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