Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gabriela Spanic Named Women 2011

Gabriela Spanic With this picture posted on his Twitter account, Gabriela Spanic wanted to share with fans the recognition that it did on Monday the National Chamber of Women, AC (CANADEM), by giving the National Women's Award 2011.

"23-year career, that nobody can take it away! Totally Thank you all," said Venezuelan actress in your social network.An award that recognizes his career and he said with a dedication to "my fans, my mother and my son Gabo Norma ... God bless me always, I love time".

For its part, Notice reported that during the event held in his honor, said Gabriela Spanic this recognition, "said many things, because nobody can deny that I've worked hard pa 'rag deserve it, I love my career, I strive, I surrender and respect the public who have supported me. "

While also ensuring that is apparently not been easy to demonstrate that it is a strong woman, courageous and hardworking, who faces adversity with courage...?

"It's no easier to continue a life knowing that you and tried to kill a baby. At the same time be working, as I putting oxygen in a recording studio."

With regard to the situation that confronted his former assistant, Venezuelan actress revealed that she still has some consequences, his mother has a crack in the heart and your child has bronchial problems...

"My youngest is very low defenses, leaving it just a problem of influenza, however, has come forward. So thank you for all this, life, media that have been 'objective' to when reporting on the case. "With respect to estrangement from his brother Daniel, the actress said that reconciliation on his part there...

"She and I were like nails and dirt, when I had opportunity to travel the world I took it and not my husband, I love Dani, but I have faith that things return to normal."

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