Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend, Austin Butler in "Love shopping"!

If you're in love, makes everything twice as much fun! You can see here is also very nice to Vanessa Hudgens and her new boyfriend Austin Butler. No matter how crowded the shops at Christmas are or how annoying they felt the weekend shopping in the supermarket before, with Schatzi on the side makes it even waiting in the checkout line fun.

Finally, one can pass the time by cuddling, cuddle and kiss and do so every single time irritated to madness. The Pottschalk begrudge the two still their luck!

Vanessa Hudgens remains faithful to love their Disney-Prince and has a "Beau" against another exchanged. Zac Efron was from Austin Butler and how well the two blends together; one can very well recognize the loose "Fledder-Flodder" look.

"Made First Million Dollars, but a used look like second hand" - understatement is the magic word of the Starship look. Nevertheless, I find this happy hipster couple super cute! Do not belong to Hollywood, but to Berlin and she could go shopping also determined at rest ;-)

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