Friday, September 24, 2010

Adam Levine loves Jake Gyllenhaal and he is again not damn gay!

Where does Adam Levine wants to know? The Maroon Five singer goes back several years a close friendship with Jake Gyllenhaal and he's really on the mind, you still have speculated on the sexuality of his buddy, just because he was even a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain play. However, it was a long time the best-known role of Jake Gyllenhaal and as it will make some people very quickly induce the 'screen character "with the real person something to do. In the end it shows, in fact, as good or credible is Mr. Gyllenhaal as an actor. Still, I can understand that such persistent rumors annoy some point:

"Can you please stop believing all of that this guy is gay? Seriously people! How immature is it something like the media to be assumed - that you make because of Brokeback Mountain, right? I know the guy for ages. He is one of my oldest friends and it's totally weird when I noticed how unfreif and infantile they handle the whole situation. When will it mean that he is gay, only he and his buddies dependent because it is only the continuation of the homophobia that still exit in our society Siert always and totally stupid. Yes he's my buddy! Damn I love this guy! "

Although Adam Levine repeated here, the one time or another, the statement refers to the Pottschalk really cool. I had something of a self-confessed Woman ornamental who can actually burn anything not expected. Hey, perhaps what is even hiss the two? Adam Levine and Jake Gyllenhaal would be real time but a super nice couple. Achh one of Pottschalk today is again pretty stupid and childish is not it? I know, but my dreams I leave not ban me ;-)

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