Friday, September 24, 2010

Why watch movies women

There is seemingly an eternal mystery to most men, but a universal truth for most women: Sometimes you just want to watch movies that make a terribly sad;)
Sometimes you want to watch any movie that were terribly funny, or explode into many things - but sometimes not.

Since I basically movies with "love", "Date" or "He" / "you" in the title or Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts and / or Richard Gere in the line-up away - which by the way for all parties to the best I have little control over my sarcasm switch will!;) - is my movie of choice, if I cry a wet handkerchief again V for Vendetta .

I know I once said I could do little with comic book movies, but as far as story and atmosphere, this film has little to do with superhero comics. For those who do not know what it still is: V for Vendetta are what you would get if you Beauty and the Beast and The Phantom of the Opera with 1984 and Mein Kampf would mix - sounds weird, but it is so!);

Half heart-rending tragic love story, half-dark dystopia, with a happy ending, the story also offers some eternal truths about bigotry, fear and hope, a Viking funeral 2.0 and many explosions, backed by Tchaikovsky - if that is not in style, then I know it is not! ;)

! Also one of the best movies with my audio book hero Stephen Fry:) And you can think of Natalie Portman otherwise what you want, but solely for the Eve Hammond look she deserves respect - there are not many women who are good with a bald head still look ...

Of course there are a few more All-Time Favorites on my list, most of which are which, however, then it funny movies, which perhaps says again what about the character of the author;.) But sometimes it also needs to be a sad film - incidentally also a rich, because male misunderstood by many citizens would, as a woman you can always resort to the same place for handkerchief, even if you have already seen the movie 10x ...... holding women;)

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