Friday, September 24, 2010

Anne Marie Eilfeld: slanderous attack against Katzi

Those who have success, you have to deal with envy! The feeling now super-blonde Daniela Katz . For now stink former American Idol contestant Anne Eilfeld against Katzi ...

Annemie is about Katzis jealous of success? For their single "Animal Instinct" added Anne Marie toiled hard fact quite so successful and can still not won, as it Mrs. Katzenberger their 80's cover "Nothing's gonna stop me now" had to. This song is Katzi namely the meantime even managed to place 19 of the German single charts!

"I do not need it. Verona was enough for me that was at least still pretty, "Anne Marie speak against the" Goodbye Germany "blonde. Ouch! That was really bottom drawer, Mrs. Eilfeld! Here Anne Marie wanted future a bit nicer to their fellow human beings ... That did not work out so well.

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