Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boris Becker: sleeping or playing poker? So exciting is his life ...

What makes Boris Becker today actually? That question is perhaps not quite as often but still get the answer served daily on his website. There he staged and presented his life as a kind of "real life" soap opera, because the scenes are quite professionally shown from several perspectives. ow to with something as spontaneous or may be, has to do on the character and I can not really predict when the Beckers. Gähnnn how boring it can actually get? Weekly planning with Lily and Boris Becker, but despite pre-binning but then I found it kind of funny or even involuntarily "funny", which last made in these acts of extreme scenarios is not.

Something one has so far still with no other German celebrities seen, but still is Boris Becker.TV not half as bad as "The Clan Wendler. The Pottschalk with today's taste is very strange because just it, so that he can continue to tell such exciting stories from the daily lives of our tennis legend. Sleeping or playing poker?

This is the crucial issue and in this light "Trash Charms" I just can not say no. With so much free Pottschalk promo, I should let Mr. Becker maybe get my bank account - it absolutely intolerable that Geschleime here! Schleimerei? The Pottschalk can still be much nastier, but fascinated by the aura of Lily Becker just me immensely:

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