Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is Prince Charles gay? Supposedly 3 Secret Lover ...

What's that for a question? Of course, Prince Charles gay, after all, he has chest hair and is also still on Camilla Parker Bowles. Which "normal" man would have dared to wunscherschöne and far too early to rest in peace Princess Diana horse with such a cheat? Wieehheeerrr, to laugh but the grunting pigs and the chickens. It is normal in the British royal family do not really, but the rumor of a gay Prince Charles I find that just as credible as the Camilla Parker Bowles will be crowned this year as Miss Universe.

Look again and again! Pottschalk stupid, yes, yes yes I gebs to the Prince Charles is not exactly the optical shell and cheating are indeed always two. Prince Charles is our supposed Gay In it the British "The Globe" even 3 men in his life have been loudly that he had an affair. Such rumors continue to find their way into the British tabloid press and actually write anything as long as there is someone or something to find someone makes the claim. Last year a male prostitute and alleged ex-lover threatened with a tell-all book where he should write about his gay affair with Prince Charles. Perhaps the Pottschalk times should emigrate to England and come out as the illegitimate son of Camilla Parker because it would certainly give him the someone buys. ... Hey that would be even a horny Spoof!

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