Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crazy - Shakira

Looking to give another touch to his new album "Honey Lips" the singer Luis Miguel sought to Colombian singer Shakira by his manager to write him a few songs from the Sun of Mexico, but it was not possible because La Loca, the left waiting for a Sunday that was quoted in a Miami hotel, he told the magazine "Look."

An employee of Warner Music Mexico told the magazine that was what happened:

"Really, the idea of Luis Miguel was to include three pieces of Shakira with a style of dance, because she realized that she is the Queen America in the world and has surpassed it in popularity Gloria Estefan."

He added: "He thought (Luis Miguel) it was good to give a freshness to the album with Shakira's talent."

No one could outshine the sun in Mexico until he faced Loca not allowed to leave the sun was totally eclipsed. Finally found who would put in place and the worst that was La Loca.

According to the source told the publication Luis Miguel "The hate and do not want in your life know Shakira. Luis Miguel said that anyone would die to do a duet with him and give songs, but never imagined she would ignore it and less than leave him standing in the meeting where there were several label executives. "

Now they say that perhaps it was decision to La Loba but your marketing team, who's advised not to work with Luis Miguel.

Then, it appears that the label was heard: "We were told then that Shakira does not need anyone to shine alone and less than Luis Miguel". What they are saying is that maybe you should Loca work with people of height of Robbie Williams or Justin Timberlake, who belong to the same galaxy.

"Luis Miguel is used to seeing all pay homage to him, but things are not like that, so easy. Remember when Juan Luis Guerra was asked a theme for Luis Miguel in 2003, the Dominican Republic to cancel work commitments to meet Luis Miguel in Miami, "the source said.

He added, "Such was the excitement of Luis Miguel Juan Luis because it took into account that came with five songs."

Shakira and Luis Miguel and had talked by phone and Luis Miguel gave details but it seems that perhaps differences of note failed to convince the representatives of Shakira.

We are very pleased to share with you the new video of Shakira's "Crazy." The video was recorded in Barcelona last month and directed by Jaume de Laiguana.

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