Thursday, September 30, 2010

Christina Aguilera: Royal Desire - Can the breasts grow their perfume?

Can anyone remember the cream, which should make the breast grow? No idea how to create something on a scientific basis, but in any case, it can grow the bank account. For these reasons, our essence a fragrance other celebrities to market and Christina Aguilera dusted with her latest fragrance, "Royal Desire" is certainly off carefully after.

In the accompanying video stabbed the Pottschalk especially her breasts in the eye. Typical man! However, she sprays her stuff so pleasurable to the neckline that you do not have to watch somewhere else can. When she got all so fairy-moderate flashes and lightning, I just added the award waiting for: "Royal Desire - This fragrance makes her breasts grow even ..." But as cheesy as the spot also affects the scent smells not that make you ill because the Pottschalk had "smell test" recently at the pleasure of the perfume you to a colleague. ...

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