Friday, September 17, 2010

Daniela Katzenberger: TV instead of phone-terror! Three new commercials!

Have long been making Daniela Katzenberger the German TV landscape on all channels uncertain. ProSieben to ZDF, Stefan Raab, Markus Lanz and again Stefan Raab. The cat is a welcome guest and talk in recent months, actually two times at TV Total, but for some people is the ubiquitous Katzenberger almost a torment on 18 September, three new television commercials start immediately, for the telephone service 118 000 has rotated Katzenberger Daniela.

Germany is to cat country! Bacon can be very easily mice, but how do I catch one or Daniela Katzenberger is going on with the cat can say Pottschalk not exist. Just hold on, I would guess so bad she is or not?

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