Friday, September 17, 2010

Boris Becker interested in TV but do not sow or ...?

In the Internet there are a lot of filth, but still I have no pork in the Internet-surfing beobeachtet. Therefore Pottschalk can not answer the question whether a sow for Boris Becker TV interested. From his personal point of view can not really understand Pottschalk what should be exciting in the life of an ex-tennis pro. Well, he used to have some fun affairs, but the trivia of everyday life go by on a really backside.

Boris-Becker.TV This is not just a homepage, but also a WEB-TV that invites us to participate in the life of Boris Becker. Wow but as anyone knows exactly what I dreamed of the last few years and I have probably missed the last few months, as the website of Mr. Becker are already longer. Because she was so extremely successful, but she was just in time and is currently being revised as a supposedly 8th Wonders advertised on the Home screen.

Such an extreme ostentation or self-loads but to a quasi Fremdschämen, but still I have to defend Boris also a little bit. In the United States is a celebrity not unusual presentation, but it seems very strange in this country, since the German celebrities live somehow in a parallel universe unapproachable. Therefore, the Pottschalk is torn, because on the one hand I think it is good that once a familiar face voluntarily presents something private, but at the same time I find it extremely superfluous, as I do with Mr. Becker just nothing.

Still, I thought it would be not to take me to look at his rolling tour of his apartment Majorcan Finca:

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