Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ashton Kutcher was unfaithful to Demi Moore again? Yeah right! - Star

Ashton Kutcher was unfaithful to Demi Moore , with such Brittney Jones, according to a report from one of the most 'creative' tabloids ever ... yes, you know, Star magazine . WHAT? This is the second story of Star Ashton accusing her of being unfaithful to Demi, of course Kutcher denies again. Star a few weeks ago accused the actor of 32 years after he kissed and embraced to a beautiful young blonde in a restaurant.

But now there is a blonde, a brunette that says he had an affair with the rich husband of Moore. The Cu Cu says she slept with Ashton on the couch at home, yep, the couple's home Kutcher-Moore, which also ... Hello? Demi's daughters live. According to the delight of the girl, all this happened when the actress was away (is that daughters too!?).

The 21 year old female, named Brittney Jones says she met a handsome Hollywood bowling once he was with Demi and daughters. She handed him a napkin with your phone and it - without much to resist its charms (see photo on cover) - started sending text messages. Soon they - as she says - they were and had a rate of 1 well.The near the couch, she said that Ashton is so cute cute sintion beautiful and very comfortable to be in his arms. He adds that they had amazing chemistry. Awww ... so ... crazy!?

The attorney for actor Ashton Kutcher gave a statement to Usmagazine continually saying that Star publishes false stories about the actor and other celebs. This is not the first nor the last time you fall into this.

Words, this story is BS! But give a look at the cover that is more fixed that ... Well, no, I will not say but you understand me, right!? OOh come on, Give me a break! It seems pathetic that now go against Demi and Ashton for the age difference. Leave alone Demi and Ashton!! As with Brangelina can not now attack them both. Get a life!

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