Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tim Gunn calls untalented idiot Monsem Taylor

Tim Gunn - the fashion guru of Project Runway, has called Taylor Monsem talentless idiot. LMAO! Yes, Tim, who seems to be very quiet and polite felt very uncomfortable working with her on the set of Gossip Girls. According to the report Gunn offered some advice to Taylor, saying he ceased to be writing both the Blackberry so I could learn his lines well.

Tim Gunn Monsem told Taylor that had hundreds of girls more attractive, even smarter than her. Why he behaved as if this show was a huge burden for her, "said the Guru of Gossip Girl fashion. This happened after Taylor will cause inconvenience to the entire cast of the show and the director, because he could not remember one complete line. Geeze! Thus will it be wrong! Tim is mean when he gets mad! But I will say is wrong! I love you TIM!

"What a DIVA! She was pathetic, could not remember his lines, and were not even many, Tim told E! Online. I thought, why do we have to put up with this spoiled brat?

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