Friday, September 17, 2010

Luis Miguel's children suffer for their absence?

On one hand the singer Luis Miguel is in search of success and fame, but on the other, Actress Aracely Arambula, the mother of his two children, each day is disappearing.

They say that the exclusivity of Aracely with the Televisa network is about to end, now that the sun of Mexico does not give even a shadow.

They say the reason why the Chule wrote on Twitter that his son had a broken arm, was to Luismi found out because the singer can hardly see the children.

She, like almost does not speak with Luis Miguel, had no alternative to bringing you the news via Twitter and answer Lusimi words to the words that told the conference:

"I think it's important to live the present and enjoy it fully, because life is a miracle and a privilege and we must enjoy every moment"

To which I reply Chule the Sun in its Twitter and I take what I had stuck in his throat

"If we must live the present. . . . . . and what better than the children! NO!?. . . . . Then? "
What a shame, a woman who is full of beauty and lacks nothing, not even to communicate with the father of her children, to ask him to close to them, because obviously miss their father.

Perhaps Aracely for wanting to achieve what others could not, wanted to catch the sun with two children, but the Astro belonging to another galaxy.

Why do not you clarify once and for all and remains Luismi with Daisy Fuentes, imagine that would be sadly disappointed to pimp?

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  1. Luis Miguel, has always suffered froom becoming to close with women!
    I beleive because of the disappearnce of his mother, He really can't trust
    any women for marriage! I beleive he has gone through a big nervous break down as a child. And he can't commit to any women, Why? He doesn't like change he's trying very hard not to face life, other then let's just stay the same
    with no commitments or changes, and when he feels he has to move on, he!
    this way, he can just float through life, and enjoy what he has for the present,
    the only bad thing about this, is life isn't that way, and one day he will need of his
    children, just pray to God, it's not too late, for him to be loved back!