Friday, September 17, 2010

Chelsea Handler: Is her sex tape one only naked video?

Some like it hot, and many just see it now also very loose. A sex tape seems a career U.S. celebrities not to harm, even though in itself a harmless nipple flasher upset America can be. For the latest "ihhh like ugh - Where can I see it?" - Sex tape scandal provides Chelsea Handler, the few days ago as host of the MTV Video Music Awards is now also an international name could make one themselves. In the U.S., it is thanks to their talk show "Chelsea Lately" has long been known to a large audience.

Since a few days circulating excerpts from her sex tape, which has turned completely conscious and Chelsea Handler on her birthday party even shows. What? Now if that is not a sick sense of humor sometimes! For executing it should be this full, on any porn, but rather be a "mock sex-scene". This very brief excerpt, it has a so-called Application video packed on to the impression of an accidental "sex tape" scandal to the erwecken.Allerdings all seems very authentic, which confirm that Chelsea handler nude pictures even see it from. so she has no problem in front of camera off, as the adult in the adult movie "The Plotters" (See screenshots) impressively demonstrated, however.

ucked away in a sex tape really behind this stunt? Radar Online says to know that there are images that last far longer than a few seconds and we would like to take this cast for another celebrity porn on the public meat market. Interestingly, should the sex movies do not appear in "Vivid" I wonder if the company in the topic almost quasi monopoly has one and who can then Chelsea Handler Sex Tape happy with the will, we have not wanted to tell ...

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