Friday, September 17, 2010

"The Tourist" Trailer - Angelina Jolie cuddled Johnny Depp!

Once again, Angelina Jolie presents itself as a mysterious character, and of course also be lots of "Balla Balla", but otherwise, "added The Tourist" is not much with the agent thriller "Salt" together. After all, what makes our Angelina not alone, but must enlist the support of Johnny Depp looking forward to. While it presents itself in a familiar dominant role, is now one of the slightly goofy and confused by the character on Johnny. Tomb Raider meets Pirates of the Caribbean, or what?

The two are really quite unusual couple, but that's what makes "The Tourist" for me so attractive. No, this is by no means is a love story, because in the trailer already seen plenty of action and the kissing scene accounts for only a few seconds. While it seems to crackle between the two, but for the right to make Bums hollywoodtypischen explosions Kaawumm! Therefore, the babbles Pottschalk not around long, and shows you now finally the trailer:

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