Friday, September 17, 2010

Rachel Bilson and Chace Crawford? Yet more love rumors ...

What's going straight from Rachel Bilson in? One might almost think that the most attractive stags Hollywood with her stand in line, because Jake Gyllenhaal and Chace Crawford, I would definitely include this on. Yesterday she was still an affair with the "Prince of Persia rumored" , today is the sexy Gossip Girl cast and alleged pothead hobby turn. With a few friends will be Rachel and Chace have met for dinner. In order to proclaim their love? In any case, they should enter according to eye witnesses, the restaurant is not only common, but have left together.

Of course, the two sat side by side and giggelten supposedly all the time, like two teenagers in love. But at dinner-date with friends to stay, it should not, for a few days later they were spotted together at a Chanel party for Karl Lagerfeld. The PR department of Rachel Bilson seems to really do a good job, or how else can one explain that just as many love rumors around the former OC actress is? Until yesterday the Pottschalk does not even have known that it was a few weeks even engaged to Hayden Christensen ...

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