Friday, September 24, 2010

Video, best Prince Royce Bronx Don Francisco Presenta

The 'Don Francisco Presenta' was invited the young singer Prince Royce where told about his life and projects.

It's nice to see young talented and thrown, especially when there are programs that provide them with opportunities to showcase their talent.

Prince's story is very touching and causes a lot of admiration because they unfold in the midst of so much crime as New York's Bronx is not easy, especially for youth.

Royce started singing to the rhythm of reggaeton but then made the change to bachata, obtaining very popular with his audience.

This young talented sings well in both genres, as well as see it, began selling phones and leap into musical stardom.

Hopefully Prince Royce hold his talent and humility because if started well and kept the fame not easily mastered.

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