Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Employers refuse to pay him the PGR in dollars Jenni Rivera

He complicates the legal situation is the singer Jenni Rivera, perhaps things are not as thought and apparently will have to say what happened to the dollars they wanted to come to the United States.

Jenni for not having declared to the authorities about carrying thousands of dollars, which she said were the payment of presentations that were made in Sonora, Hermosillo and Ciudad Obregon.

The singer is as suspect, because they believe their code according to the case PGR/DDF/SZC/AICM/2073/2-05 at other times may also have spent large amounts without having declared at customs.

Now the tax authorities are looking into many presentations made the singer last year, want to know if not evaded taxes when he performed at fairs, dances, Palenque and rodeos.

Authorities mess with this hard, should I discover something to the singer, she is not going to end. It appears that entrepreneurs may have been those who caused this problem because when Jenni was they interviewed said they had paid her with Mexican pesos and not dollars.

Now the singer is under fire from the Mexican authorities and if you travel to that country could be stopped. If this were to go wrong, could be closed the Mexican market for the singer.

Jenni Hopefully fix this problem soon, before you put ugly.

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