Friday, October 1, 2010

Because of the bad breath of Itati Cantoral scramble Victor Noriega and Paul Cheng?

For the bad breath from the mouth of the actress did Itati Cantoral anger Victor Actors Pablo Noriega and Cheng in the soap opera 'Until the bad breath do us part' oh! I say 'Till the Money Do Us Part'.

A kissing scene between Itati and Victor was the cause of the quarrel between Noriega and Cheng who is homosexual.

A source told Look magazine that Noriega Cheng asked: "Do not you kiss gave Itati thing in your mouth?" Thought Victor Cheng asked the question implying that he is gay, that caused him to swear and Noriega will diger give a punch in the face of Paul.

In the lawsuit had to intervene in Sandarti and Rodrigo Hector Vidal. Then Paul explained to Victor that he had been asked that question because "Itati, I smell the mouth."

Some people say that Victor might be gay, which we are not sure whether it's true but some rumors out there.

On the other hand, if it is true that suffer from Halitosis Itati should make a visit to your dentist.

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