Friday, October 1, 2010

The Garibaldi Group in tears asking opportunity with Don Francisco

The program Don Francisco Presenta had as guests of the musical group 'Garibaldi' along with S erg Director Mayer, arrived Charly, Javier, Luis, Pilar and Katia, but not Paty Monterola and Victor Noriega.

While Paty had agreed to be with the group made for after while Victor had his excuses that were well understood by the rest of the group.

The truth is we all have grown and their new look is very different, a little careless, perhaps for not being active, but everyone is entitled to a second chance.

I think if they knew that their reunion would have a little more care, the girls are a little panzoncitas, had to take medicine for pin worms, men gained weight, as they were hinchaditos of both drinking water.

The good thing was that while they were out of some groups struggled to do something, but not all did well. Sergio Mayer was Groom of Luisa Fernanda for seven years and were married for three months.

Javier was Monterola Paty boyfriend for 10 years and married 7.

Pilar Montenegro this maid but Katia is not known if still married but has a son.

Most surprising was what Javier said of his former on decisions taken: "His decisions have always been clear-cut" with that perhaps hinted that it was she who made the decision to secede from it.

Pillar, which is not doing very well and took the opportunity to promote their new album "Always Yours'

Sentence also caused the request made by Luisa Fernanda to the public: "Give us a chance, we do too badly," the saddest of the night was seeing Charly plunged into a tremendous depression, did not stop mourn.

Charles was married to Ingrid Coronado whom they had a son.

Well, Luchon, I think they deserve a new opportunity to put forward and dance to lose we

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