Friday, October 1, 2010

Lena Meyer-Landrut: Big trouble with old-timer friends - And what about TUV!

Apparently, some classic car fans a particularly long line, or how can one explain the fact that it Lenas sawed cadet from "Touch a New Day" has made headlines again today in the, while her single just on the 58th Billboard charts crashed. Coincidences exist!! The museum director from the "Opel Museum of Herne is on Lena Meyer-Landrut not speak really well, although the Grand Prix winner of the automaker yes" elected "to the brand ambassador recently were:

"I get a thick neck on the bead when I see it. These old cars proliferate so no more. "

Now there are many who would probably like to reproduce this pearl says the Pottschalk, but that is indeed not at all now. Actually, Lena has not destroyed the old cadet, but only finished and the alleged battered vehicle can look forward even have a retirement as "exhibition pieces". Opel also can live with the zesagten very well, allegedly because there had been a rusty model in poor condition. Ahh, yes, but just good enough for the small Lena could make a big road trip.

What would the technical approval to say? Perhaps the so Lena's second single "Touch a new Day" final Charts crash rescue front. A rascal of this evil and thinks in terms of road safety, we have to worry about. Landrut woman is certainly not driven all the way from Berlin to the Baltic Sea and determined the vehicle was registered properly, or even had one of these special permits. ...

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