Friday, October 1, 2010

Britney Spears is the queen of quotas Glee - How cool was her guest appearance (videos)!

"Hit me baby one more time" Glee, the makers of determined singing just for the episode with Britney Spears guest appearance rate of new series set a record: 13.5 million viewers! It is not the meisgesehenste episode of all time, but many viewers had the format "Comedy / Musical" recently at the new season-opener in April. Britney Spears has the series so great odds again thrust up missed one and that is why we must now even speculate that they might not even second guest appearance at Glee get one. When and where the series äuft actually with us in Germany?

Early 2011 on Super RTL, and there really have to watch the pot Schalk that he was not in this placement the series opener missed. The odds-bearer in the U.S. is here just once burned up on the smallest "channel" of the RTL Group. Sometimes I understand the program makers really do not, but fortunately you can Pottschalk guest appearance at Glee now show (thx Pete!) Already a few short preview videos of Britney Spears

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