Saturday, October 2, 2010

Federal Vision Song Contest 2010

16 states, 16 musical performances, a Moderationsduo consisting of Stefan Raab Johanna Klum and far too boring Friday night. Was anyone of you to celebrate yesterday and has Federal Vision Song Contest 2010 is not seen as the? A wise decision, because there you have times missed anything. Although the performances of silly, Unheilig, flower pot and Co. were really cool, but during the show was the real joy is limited only to the length of a song.

Almost 4 hours long this musical marathon, which was so stuffy and boring so than you would have had the Grand Prix preliminary decision of the ARD 15 years ago as a model. The first 2 hours, despite the very monotonous Ablaufsfür music fans still halfway somehow tolerable, but after that it was not even real. Scoring in the Stone Age! Each state was allowed to award its points instead of one, indicating only the top 3 positions, the Ganza scale each time was runtergerattert.

Grauuussammm! But I can certainly understand why one of this element can not do without, because the radio announcers from Hintertupfingen want kept her bottled-Gröhl Fantrupp sometimes for a few minutes her face into the camera. I did not understand all things of this stupid punk table where you have anegezeigt only the states and not the bands. Yes yes I know, "Grand Prix" feeling, but even there it is now to modern.

It was really annoying, the mood on the floor Ausstragungsort also seemed to be, because the commercials were accompanied with a nice boos and whistling concerto. Finally, also won by the favorite Raab, although the race between "Silly" and "Unheilig" almost certainly yes, was felt the Pottschalk the evening mega super boring and stale as. Finally, the band also won the Stefan Raab had previously mentioned as a favorite, so it was no surprise when at 23:52 the band were "Unheilig" declared the winner.

Sorry Stefan R, even if you have it at shows otherwise beat it, but the Federal Vision Song Contest was much too conservative and should really look no more music event in 2010 ...

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