Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nadja Benaissa expects its "No Angels" time off!

Where would Nadja Benaissa today when they won the casting would not pop stars? This question arises in light of their upcoming biography that the hopeful and actually rather innocuous name sounds like "everything will be fine". But the first excerpts from the book and the interview that she "Stern" may now sound more like "everything was shit!" Looking back, she describes her time with the "No Angels" as a nightmare because it no longer has her own life could provide:

"Training, appearances, interviews, three dates, concerts, no time to eat, no time for anything, even the toilet breaks were required." Sounds really extremely hard, but when you consider how dramatically their lives run is earlier, was this external control maybe even a chance. As a 14 year old she was a drug addict, two years later she was pregnant and HIV-positive. Her daughter was fortunately healthy. A true blessing, and exactly for such a blessing, the Pottschalk kept her pop star career. After all, they could earn in that time, quite a few Euros.

After HIV-process Nadja Benaissa to this was the No Angels as an indestructible unity and the perfect celebrity dinner they looked like four trusted friends. As OK! Magazine reported she currently has only alleged contact with the first "No Angels" dropout Vanessa Petruo. The rogue finds the pot at least as surprising as their statement that they are then hoping to permanently kicked out of the band. For Popstars Casting they would allegedly only left because they wanted to hear a professional critique. Öhmm the saying I know that the Super Talent says the Pottschalk! Maybe the former "third generation singer" Darko has read a preliminary version of her book?

In recent months, especially in the weeks of her court case was Nadja Benaissa after an initial "media witch hunt" almost already stigmatized as victims, while we should not forget that she was guilty. So she has had unprotected sex even though she knew about her HIV infection, and now published a biography Nadja where she Others complained of their "No Angels" time? That's quite a long time own goal would Pottschalk say again, because sympathetic Nadja Benaissa will give me this does not really ....

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