Saturday, October 2, 2010

Super Talent 2010: The role of gut suggests the jury on the run!

Have not more than 40,000 people applied for the Super Talent 2010? As one might believe that, by this mass on candidates but crazy enough Kanidaten here are and you do not have to resort to candidates from the last year. Apparently they wanted to "mass of the abdominal part" not losing any, and once again has the rather aubergewohnichen Steven Chone invited. Shame on foreign home free! At least he seems, at least in part, to have thought up a new stage show.

The Return of the Freaks of Pottschalk announced a few days already , but this Saturday is the day! Well it says you already so enormous?

These images making, really want more, at least the face of Bruce Darnell is priceless and therefore can not easily escape the Pottschalk leave this website. What does the guy really represent? A clone of "Charlie Chaplin" and half of "Laurel and Hardy"?

We do not know, but perhaps hidden behind all this there is also a very special art form which man will probably only understand 3010th Believe it not? Well what do you think that probably drive the evolution of flowering after 1000 years of television history ...

"Be brave dear Sylvie van der Vaart and a view of the future of humanity in the eyes!"

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