Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coco: Her new boyfriend is perfect for Halloween

In general, women are usually so anxious to look neat and well dressed, not for nothing that we are the beautiful sex. In order to match the occasion about how to achieve the perfect look, the accessories are arranged each time and changed. Now that we are stuck in the middle of autumn, of course there is one or the other new item of clothing, eventually you have to be so well equipped for any season. Popo-wonder Coco's going a step further even.

It fits not only their wardrobe, but also their male companion of the season and the events. Since Halloween is coming very soon so forth must be a monster. As is proper, the new man is introduced undead at her side on Twitter. By the non-existent skull to see whether a brain is available, without having to endure painful dressing: The advantage of such a man is obvious! In New York "Blood Manor" became acquainted with the different couples. Just a pity that the handsome man is not genuine. But perhaps even more so, in addition to the long beanpole Cocos Popo seems almost normal size. Actually not a desirable goal of the blonde. Since they will then taste again but rather with husband Ice-T.

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