Sunday, October 17, 2010

Toyboy of the Week (14): Axel with a handkerchief against the cult of the body

Berlin. Axel Ranieri (27) is a melancholy and sensitive, but also pathologically optimistic person who knows exactly what he wants, can never sit still and always wanted an honest smile away (this is there somewhere yet?). Axel passion for cooking and not all that bad. He loves his 88 year old grandmother who can still split. He is an expert in the field of classical music, singing loudly and persistently danced - despite his ball-like appearance - like a ballerina.

In June 2002, turned the big highlight "by mistake" (Axel wanted to attend a theater workshop, which was already full) and his first short film will be immediately and incurably infected with the virus film. Over the next seven years, about eighty short films were made in-house and some more with his cooperation as an actor, writer, composer or editor.

2004 followed by numerous internships and minor activities, such as arms dealing and espionage for the MDR and RBB, and a first job as a glorious image director for the big Saturday night show "Tom's looking for the Circus Star 04".

He then studied at the Academy of Film and Television "Konrad Wolf" in Potsdam Babelsberg director. He is a very happy and satisfied student. His films are at the college but received not always with great enthusiasm, but they have since 2002 to over a hundred small and large film festival on the road (including Hof Film Festival, Film Festival Max Ophuls Prize, Camerimage Lodz, Flmfestival Cottbus ...) and are always received awards.

The movies on this page is his cinematic self-portrait that he made as a first assignment at the HFF Konrad Wolf was. He dedicated the work of "Essth├Ątik. bekeidet Only with a handkerchief he danced to Ravel's Bolero overcome the limits of modesty.

Axel told us this: "I had a lot of thought, as a self-portrait would look like I had created a set of uncomfortable questions to myself and answered by me and friends can then I did not know what I'm five hour interview material. should do so I looked out all the similarities that I apparently characterized and inserted them into a movie. I'm fat and I therefore have one or the other complex, I will eat handkerchiefs, I love classical music and dance and I have sense of humor and irony . Thus, the self-portrait to appeal against a small body cult. "

Since 2009, Axel tries out the way as a director on the stage. He stages in Co-directed by the actress Christine Ziehl at Brandenburg Theatre "A Clockwork Orange".

Axel is the first time in three months to the gym, "Because I have gained during the filming of an Austrian film in the spring of 15 kilos that went down to the health and the need to again...”

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