Monday, October 11, 2010

Eminem: Krasse House Rules - banned swearing!

If you someday have the honor should Eminem domestic home to visit his, then you should one thing never do to: "cursing" as dirty as some of his lyrics it's so clean, it may de rappers prefer private . Finally, he is also understandably does not want dad and that his daughters a corresponding Gossen aneigenen vocabulary, as he told an interview with 60 Minutes in:

"I am a parent. I have daughters. How would it look if the I as a man in my house run by the counter and say "Hey Bitch, pick up the" Do you know what I mean ?!".. swear I do not. Obscenity in my house? No. "

Clear statement of Eminem! Although this statement may sound out of his mouth rather unusual, it's also really the most normal thing in the world, because who wants to hear it likes, when his children Communicating with "foul language" ...

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