Monday, October 11, 2010

Angus T. Jones: for "Hannah Montana," he does it under 3000 dollars!

Angus T. Jones at a bargain price! Who would have thought that "Two and a Half Men," the boy from well-paid can be had for so little money? For an episode of his series, he gets $ 300,000 now and for a week, "Hannah Montana" he was nevertheless pleased with smooth $ 2.808. Apparently, "Jack Harper" but still remained on the ground or as a big Miley Cyrus fan that he recently "Hannah Montana" Season of honor contract has seen his commitment.

Who would not even like to turn to Miley Cyrus? At a separate cloakroom Angus T. Jones did not give it then, but nevertheless he seems still very modest. The $ 2.808 appear in this relation even more like an "allowance." Miley Cyrus is a consequence of "Hannah Montana" only way to get $ 12,000. Hard to believe it? No wonder they are as fast as possible from her teen image and disengage with its still 17 years to the slightly exaggerated "Sexy rail" drives ...

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