Monday, October 11, 2010

Justin Timberlake ft. Daniele Rizzo: Matt Klein vs. "The Social Network!

Believe it or not, but Justin Timberlake is apparently yet to have so many fun. As part of its Germany-promo tour for the "Facebook Film" he was an interview with the infamous clip Fish comedian Daniele Rizzo on one. Instead of the typical "question and answer" game, Daniele slips back once in a style similar to the roll of film and creates it so loosen up the situation accordingly.

Actually Timberlake Justin Schalk took the pot so totally boring times and held him for the most fun brake on the planet, but here he has actually shown a lot of humor. After all, he was too good to sing a special "social network" version of the German classic "Matt Klein you and you should not miss:

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