Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hilary Swank forgot to shave her armpits!

While waxing is painful for all women know (and fear) can be a very serious breach not to, especially when the world will see pictures of that time.

It turns out that Hilary Swank forgot to shave her armpits , and now all are set on that, rather than on the beautiful dress she wore at the time.

Sure you have to be crazy to walk looking at those details, but what's left over the world are crazy paparazzi ...

Obviously, her dress was worthy of further attention:

Without doubt this is a misdemeanor, but it is something I always surf the net. If you doubt this, look at these pictures of famous with the hair that came some time ago.

While we see Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore is Julia who has a reputation for not shaving ...

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