Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Televisa wants to Sandra Echeverria

While some are gone, as was the case of Edith Gonzalez , other celebrities like Sandra Echeverria want to join the ranks of Televisa, which is why the Mexican actress was visiting the station's facilities to meet with producer Emilio Larrosa and discuss a new project.

"Yes, for the protagonist, but I can not tell you much. I came for an interview, to know the Lord, talk about his new project, I am one of the proposals do not know what can happen. It would be a privilege to work with him, because we see, I love the story, the proposal. "

In an interview broadcast by the site Esmas, Echeverria, whom we have recently seen starring in soap operas like 'Marina' and 'The Clone' for Telemundo, "expressed his desire to work in this story which combines comedy with drama and tentatively has been called 'second home'. Tell us, do you think Sandra Echeverria should be part of Televise?

"Yes exactly, I'm a fan of comedy, I have had to do more drama than comedy, and then I think it would be a really fun project to do."

Finally he confessed that another thing that excites him is the fact that you can also interpret the theme of the story, as has happened with previous projects he has participated...

"That I love, in fact I've sung all my songs in novels, in 'clone' theme song, then love me."

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