Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jennifer Lopez visits the hospital in Puerto Rico

The presence of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez , one of the most famous couples of the show in Puerto Rico this weekend, it was an opportune time for the Diva of the Bronx to support humanitarian causes in the Pediatric Teaching Hospital in the town of Rio Piedras on that island.

Jennifer Lopez, along with several doctors and representatives of the Foundation Maribel, toured the area of oncology hospital, which is developing a major program of telemedicine in pediatric radiology.

In the photo, Jennifer Lopez is appreciated with one of the patients. "See how this hospital can benefit many patients is truly gratifying and is the beginning of our vision and dream," said the artist.

Marc Anthony crowded this weekend, the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, although Sunday's concert had to be postponed due to a condition in the throat of the singer.

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