Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Edith Gonzalez and is small Azteca

This Sunday, during the broadcast of a weekly reality television show 'La Academia' broadcast by TV Azteca, was surprised by the presence of Edith Gonzalez , who has a few days ago was rumored to have changed television.

Rafael Araneda and Ingrid Coronado, lead the program, spoke of the incorporation of this television actress and appeared before the cameras as "the biggest star of the soap opera world."

For its part, the actress 45 years old, who for years was an important part of the cast of Televisa, who was in Singapore recently, starring in 'Dona Barbara', he told nervous, happy and glad to be on TV Azteca ... Dines what do you think his change of television?

"What an honor to come back here at TV Azteca, girl I want to say that Channel 13 when I did 'Les Miserable' by Victor Hugo. It is an honor to be with Olga Tanon and Lola Cortes, are great talents and people is very important that the rows of the broadcaster. "

He also thanked the directors and of course the public who said he has kept in force:

"Thanks to Ricardo Salinas Pliego (President of the station), thanks to my new boss, Alberto Santini and the public that has kept me all these years, thank you wholeheartedly, this is for you."

And talk about a particular project so far, briefly discussed the reasons which led it to join this broadcaster:

"I am delighted to be here, I am a woman of challenges, beginning a new chapter because life is made of that. Let's see what mischief Aztecs forged with the kids, we give great entertainment, great quality and new things, is the purpose this new home signed. "

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