Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tragic end of the character of Ana Martin in the soap opera 'I'm your mistress'

On this occasion, the actress Anne Martin, who will end up being a victim of his fits of madness, in a scene that took more than 6 hours of work for its implementation and will be broadcast on the soap opera 'I'm your Owner'.

Ivana completely beside himself, haunted by the ghost of his crimes, end the life of Benita (Lucero's nanny in the soap opera) by throwing it off a balcony after a heated argument where all his misdeeds will be revealed.

According to information released by the agency Notimex, for the realization of this tragic scene, it required a great production team, comprised of approximately 50 people, despite the riskiness of the scene; Ana Martin decided to make the footage itself protection supported by a safety harness and a crane.

That was how the actress, raised to a balcony with a height of four feet, spent the last moments of a character that no doubt once again managed to win the love and public recognition.

So while Valentina (Lucero) mourns the death of his dear Benita, we continue to see as the evil Ivan is making the rounds and killing anyone who crosses his path.

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