Monday, October 11, 2010

Kelly Obsourne "no mood to diet-food - Food is fun!"

How does Kelly Osbourne just to keep her weight? Finally, it was pretty moppel years after the move and surprise dance training of "Dancing with the Stars" with a slender figure. From the much feared "Jo Jo" effect is still no trace. The supposed "diet secrets" by Kelly Obsourne is no gift and you may really believe how easy it will be. Conscious Nutrition + sports, we've heard so a thousand times, but it probably seems to work very well if you eat what you like:

"It was important to find things for me that I taste and healthy. I eat a diet tool in any case the chalk tastes like. That makes it really bad and it's just not fun anymore. It takes the fun of eating and let's face it is, eating is nunmal fun! I make only half an hour of exercise a day. "

Now if that is so easy to ask the Pottschalk why it has taken not earlier this somewhat healthier life. Sometimes you just Motivitations the decisive kick and it was probably on "Dancing with the Stars" get ...

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