Monday, October 11, 2010

Mark Zuckerberg: Here's Facebook billionaire smiles for the paparazzi!

Somehow I find the so sexy! With or without billions of Pottschalk of something nerds and is known to have also NEN little roof damage. Mark Zuckerberg is on thanks to the Facebook-hit movie "The Social Network" once again on everyone's lips, but he wanted to be alive in any biographical film to see and it may otherwise not be in focus. Although he insists that this is the movie is pure fiction, should inform their employees have donated even a company outing to the movies.
Pretty confident right? Mark Zuckerberg, the largest online community of the world built up, is the youngest self-made billionaire of the USA and has become the blind still can not get rich quick. With Adilette he has both feet in life. He allows himself neither a luxury villa or a huge fleet of vehicles and although the "groupies" probably stand in line for him, he keeps his girlfriend's fidelity. That shows real strength of character even says the Pottschalk and I'm curious to see if anything changes my opinion if I had "The Social Network" seen in the cinema ...

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