Sunday, October 10, 2010

The gadgets are sold with 'Chile and Lemon'

The new Channel 22 program promises to be an attractive new alternative entertainment in Los Angeles, a city that has so far set the pulse of what is most heard, seen and sold in the industry media Spanish in the United States.

'Chile and Lemon' is described as an entertainment show and critics alike with Paco Galvez "The Pacorro" Elena Toledo, Cindy Martinez, Manfred Schmidt, the latter with extensive experience of more than 25 years as a producer of entertainment on networks such as Univision Telemundo, Channel 62. "I do not know anything but that the artists invite the public to spend a moment of joy and fun," says Schmidt

According to the former producer of Univision television is an option to spark the most interesting is that individuals speak without fear of pubic and not so public, in the latter includes the communities of the media that in some way exposed to the eye also critical.

Elena Toledo, Venezuelan professional model and actress, 'Chile and Lemon' means a return to the small screen and in an interview with La Prensa, Los Angeles, confessed that in addition to means to know a little more of the city where just land (living in Miami), is to enjoy the public with grace.

Paco Galvez known as 'The Pacorro' fifteen years is a radio personality known, but now has another communication platform that enables you to demonstrate your quality as a "man of insight, innovative and creative."

Cindy Martinez in exchange for television is part of it as the same skin, after a race in a row since he was fourteen years in the art. Mexican nationals with experience in driving and as a reporter is invited to 'Chile and Limon road after the small screen. TV host, actress, public speaker on human and spiritual awareness, Reiki Master, hypnosis and neuro-linguistics.

The program airs Monday through Friday at 5pm (PT) on Channel 22, Los Angeles, a Hispanic station in the United States with more history of Spanish-language media in the United States.

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