Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scissor Sisters: Jake Shears attracts you with Kylie Minogue at the houses

London. Jake Shears (32) finds Kylie Minogue (41) super go out. Shears sings at the American rock / pop band 'Scissor Sisters' ('I Do not Feel Like Dancing'), and by Minogue ('Spinning Around') friends, since they wrote the 2004 hit of the Australian 'I Believe In You'.

Especially during celebrations loves the music of his friend because they always turn up and forget the world around them.

"If it is in the mood, she is wild," Shears revealed in the 'More!' Magazine. "If they can get out the devil in himself, makes it so much fun! She loves to have a good time."

Besides Jake Shears are the 'Scissor Sisters' singer Ana Matronic from, guitarist Del Marquis and drummer Randy real all-rounder Baby Daddy. The band is extremely popular especially among stars, a fact that makes the musician proud.
"We even get to us, made us ready," Matronic laughed and said: "The Gallagher brothers have said nasty things about us in the past, so I went at Brit Awards to them and hugged them I I killed them with kindness and moved to our side. "
So much use was with Kylie Minogue, fortunately not necessary.

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