Saturday, October 9, 2010

Miley Cyrus' Who Owns My Heart "- Back at the sexy new video?

Look, it's Miley Cyrus is a busy bee, and yet again a new music video at the start. "Owns My Heart? Who" is the name of this song and the evil Baroness can only wonder at the sight: "The Western Front? In" In principle, the new clip as a sort of sequel to "Can not Be Tamed" to be considered because not only musically the songs are similar, even the look of Miley has been here before. As always, throwing the 17-year-old in clothes that were hardly worthy of the name actually. Knapp, scarce, Miley says so again.
But somehow, the teenager again and again, that one wonders at such a sight: Who has it the only allowed? It's actually long been nothing new that the singer displays little substance to the body, but she seems so grown up does not it. The desired effect they missed, like casting of American Idol candidate the right notes. It works rather like a child who throws himself into things from my mother and so rumhopst front of the mirror. It can be the best film then also for the new video. The "story" of the clip is quickly told: Teen gets ready for the club, picked up by a limo and then danct it all right now. So almost exactly like in real life. 3:34 minutes Miley tried every conceivable pose and each lascivious look into the camera.

But the evil Baroness of course, knows that Miley is in the middle of puberty and also in famous children probably otherwise expire, they must find their style and also just for now. However, unknown children have long been not granted so much freedom, it should be the parents of Miss Cyrus may think sometimes. Make yourself a picture of himself, "Who Owns My Heart?"

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