Friday, October 22, 2010

Ludwika Paleta upset with the magazine by the horns of Emiliano Salinas

TVnotas magazine published some pictures of Emiliano Salinas, boyfriend or boyfriend almost Actress Ludwika Paleta where you see the kissing another woman.

The press questioned the actress and said: "We are promoting a play, I am sick and all, but glad this space. . . . . . . In these journals are not given even advertising”

It seems to bother to see the photo of the man she has recently coming out and takes it out with the publication.

But that's what she thinks about her boyfriend's photos published?

"I have no comment because I have been involved in a lot of situations, especially with these journals that do not have any credibility and manipulate information, because I have no comment to give" said Palette

When a program or a magazine, they discover their secrets, then the brand as having no credibility, but because they do not cover their stuff hidden, that if they leave them on the covers of these magazines forget credibility.

But hey, so is the atmosphere of the entertainment, are only happy when celebrities speak wonders.

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