Friday, October 22, 2010

Gabriel Soto could move to TV Azteca?

The lack of work and unique things are not done so easy on television, this has meant that artists walk like a golf ball to the other.

Today they say that the actor Gabriel Soto Televisa could leave to join the opposing team, TV Azteca where he says they are offering good money.

I think they are looking for a partner to Edith Gonzalez, who is for a new telenovela star and maybe that's why we are offering the job to Gabriel.

Gabriel may need work; they say that the foreign friends will just empty your house, now the site live in Miami, so I express Soto:

"I'm very comfortable knowing that my daughter and Geraldine live in a quieter place, what a shame that in this country we are living in this wave of violence, but while in these conditions, I prefer that my family live there"

See what happens with this great actor if you go or stay, while his family lives on the other hand, hopefully have enough money because life in USA is not cheap.

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