Friday, October 22, 2010

Dayanara Torres says Marc Anthony is the best dad in the world

Dayanara Torres is safe, even after divorce, that Marc Anthony is the best father I could have chosen for their children. "It's the best in the world. Has an unconditional love for their children and they are the light of his eyes," so said the former Miss Universe from Puerto Rican man who was legally separated in 2004.

Torres, who has spent five years living in Los Angeles and is resuming his career as an actress, says it has an excellent relationship with the Puerto Rican singer and current husband of Jennifer Lopez . "I took the decision that when I talk to my kids why their mom and dad are not together, and divorce, to do so in a positive way, they stress that the separation had nothing to do with them."

Torres also shared that their children, Cristian and Ryan, have an excellent relationship with the twins of Jennifer Lopez and Marc "I always talk about that a lot of people want them, they are very fortunate to have more family, that love is removed, which, by contrast, have love to spare. "

The Miss Universe 1993 said that since moving to Los Angeles has continued to study and report to auditions in order to continue her acting career, which he left when she married Marc Anthony and had her children. "I started as an actress in Puerto Rico and went to the Philippines where I made 13 films in the five years I lived there, so I knew more on the other side of the world than here," he says.

2011, Torres will start filming a new movie 'The Lay Down. " "I'm happy that next year begins with the right foot in Los Angeles." He plans to write a second book. "It will also be inspirational, as first published, but will be for single moms trying to balance their lives."

'Married to Me: How Comitting to Myself Led To Triumph After Divorce "was the first book published in 2008 Torres and contrary to what many thought would give details of her relationship with Marc Anthony, was a self-help material.

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