Friday, October 22, 2010

Dulce Maria is not a good girl

Just a few days, first aired in Mexico, through a cable television channel, the controversial chapter 'Eliana Sister in Law' which is part of the third season of women murdered and that was led by Dulce María.

As expected, the controversy over the story of Eliana, a woman who must deal with a sexual identity problem to be attracted to his sister, was swift to what the interpreter said through his tone Twitter joke

"Jajaja q laughter comments! Say girl I'm not" good "lol # eseeraelpuntohay that arriesgarseeeee! The world is of one who dares." Tell us what you think that Sweet is in 'Killer Women'?

In this story, Dulce María Zurita shares credit with Sebastian and Fernanda Castillo. Together they will form a love triangle that will lead to 'Eliana' to get to the murder.

For the actress and singer, addressing an issue like homosexuality represented a major challenge in his career, as we said in interviews prior to the premiere of the series:

"My character is very strong, is a great challenge. It has nothing to do with me, that is what action to do things and people that never would in real life."

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