Friday, October 22, 2010

What the hell happened to Sean Penn?

Halloween has arrived! No, not yet ... She is a lady sloppy way to the salon! No... A dirty bum! Nor ... A gothic with an overdose of cough syrup! More or less...

Believe it or not, are the actor Sean Penn, who was walking and you see the streets of New York.

And yet it pulls off a bolt (unless you count his excessive interest in Latin American politics), but is shooting his new film, 'This Must Be the Place. In it he plays a rocker who has already made its heyday and now, bored and worried for his life, tries to reconnect with his dying father.

Actually the film is more serious than it looks, and Penn's character will try to avenge his father, who was tortured during the Second World War. So start a search across America looking for the perpetrator.

It's another heavy role of actor, who is undoubtedly the most experienced in Hollywood and can get under the skin of any character.

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