Saturday, October 2, 2010

Maki Soler, shows her sexy side

October came and with it the latest cover of H that in this time gives us a sexy photo shoot no more and no less than the wife of Argentine actor Juan Soler .

Although some Maki once had rejected the proposal of the journal for their daughters and husband, who then was not convinced at this time he decided it was time to do it:

"Despite being a mother and handling a very familiar picture, I think that I should never lose that part of feeling sexy woman, also because of my age, it's now or never."

For Maki mouth, waist, abdomen, and the angelic look that characterizes are the sexiest parts of your body, but the romance when he said, the telenovela what she likes most are the kisses because "says they are delicious. "

He also confessed that it has decided to forget about his career as an actress and host to raise a family, why not neglect his image because he likes to always look nice:

"I hate to see me in front. I take care of me and I enjoy looking, not just for him (Juan Soler), but for me, that's my main weapon."

On what he likes in a man, Maki admitted that more than the physical one likes to feel "cared for and accompanied" and they are intelligent and with a sense of humor like her, she says is somewhat "acid ".

Maki finally for that fact that readers of the magazine considered "the wife of Desire" is considered a compliment, but jokingly said "take care of my husband."

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  1. I have to preface this by saying that I have no like or dislike for his lady. However, I have read so many comments that state that her biggest asset is having Juan Soler as a husband. She is mediocre and to me it is certainly unsettling that her husband had a vasectomy when she could no longer have children. But she trusts him... Really?