Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nacometro: Lili shoes. The wax of El Gordo. The 'fineness' of Niurka

Ready for this week? I have to confess that I am very grateful for the comments of the first Nacometro and I hope that between you and me every weekend we can have a little fun. For those who first read the section, I tell them that the Nacometro is an instrument that serves to mediate the amount of nonsense, and / or tasteless things that grate on corrientez and lack of education of the famous famosillos, aspiring stars or star. Ah ... and those who do not like me, I too can put on it and refitted with the same yardstick.

First place went undefeated last week with Jenni Rivera and almost everyone agreed with me that it is difficult to take away the privileged position to Madame de Loaiza. But you yourself through your comments chose to Nacos this week and do not be surprised with the first place.

What about Lili Estefan, Raul de Molina and Niurka Marcos?

Lili Estefan, La Flaca falls fat. Ibet wrote in one comment: "Lili Estefan goes around talking about their shoes" and you're right Ibet ... Why do we need to know how much money is spent on their Christian Louboutin shoes? With one of those compritas, a working class family lives three months. Besides we have to be holding us presume that your legs and muscular body, that fact seems a transvestite dressed in party Friday. Lili Estefan live another reality very different from their audience and in recent years has been devoted to discuss your luxury vacations, travel on private aircraft and enjoying all the privileges for being the niece of the Estefan. What do you think?

El Gordo de Molina: The second week's Naco. Is that the same TV show with copies as Lili and Raul de Molina is to run. The last straw is that we had to endure a detailed description of a visit of the 'chubby' to the doctor for "destupieran" ears, which obviously does not know how to clean (Lili Estefan said in full live show) . "I cleaned the wax from each ear like a vacuum cleaner for 20 minutes", that was the beginning of the editions of 'El Gordo y la Flaca. " I ask: Do we need so much information? Who cares substances secreted by their glands?

Niurka Marcos: Third place goes to the Cuban. How nice if this woman decides to take a vow of silence, at least for a day in your life! Now it seems that as a contestant on the Univision show 'Mira quién baila! " has secured a platform to talk more nonsense and swearing in bad taste. But as echadita Pa'lante is is that when criticized by their last participation in the reality was rather little one in front of the singer and actress Bianca Marroquin and Niurka had no other thing to say: "What happens is a detail that your voice is king, that rubs me arrange it "... So you behave with the judge? Where did you leave that "guapería" vulgar Niurka characterizes you?

Do you agree with all three of Nacometro this week? Lallita And I wondered if I had attended journalism school or university of the street. Lallita tell you that I have the best of both worlds and thanks for reading and comment. Let them talk but talk bad! Until next week.

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